7 Reasons Why A Trip To Ireland Should Be Essential In 2023

Posted on 03/13/2023


Let the savage landscapes and good-natured locals of incredible Ireland stir your soul in 2023. Feel the upbeat rhythms of folk music, taste frothy Guinness at the source, and discover how the Emerald Isle got its nickname when you visit yourself. Beyond culture it’s the natural beauty that will find a crack in your heart, from the lush green hills to dramatic rugged coastlines, Ireland’s unexpected beauty will make you feel alive.

If you’ve not been lucky enough to visit the Emerald Isle yet, here is your chance to start chasing the end of the rainbow and lock in a tour of this lush island. Here are 7 reasons why we think a trip to Ireland should be essential in 2023.

1. Have joyful encounters with strangers

The Irish are a particularly friendly bunch, so when it comes to strangers there’s no better nationality to bump elbows with. Conde Nast Traveler readers voted Dublin the sixth friendliest city in Europe last year, and a trip to Ireland in 2023 will help you shake any hermit habits you picked up during the pandemic. Whether you’re speaking with a cafe owner or tapping your toes to a busker, seize on the capital’s zest for life as you find the spring in your step again. 

2. Feel the raw beauty of Ireland’s enchanting landscapes

It won’t take long to confirm how the Emerald Isle received its poetic nickname. As the coach laps the lush Ring of Kerry, famous for its ‘forty shades of green’, you’ll soon see why. Following the coast along the Wild Atlantic Way will only confirm how enchanting, mysterious, and raw the beauty of Ireland is. As will standing at the Giant’s Causeway as you soak up every drop of the island’s stunning scenery.

3. Stay in the magnificent Ashford Castle

The sound of a lone piper marks your arrival to the incredible Ashford Castle. He’ll escort you over the drawbridge and into the palatial 13th-century building, set on the picturesque shores of Lough Corrib. This special Trafalgar Stays With Stories is one you will truly never forget. Check into your room, rest and refresh ahead of an elegant royal dining experience where you’ll be treated as lords and ladies. Gentlemen, you’ll need to bring a jacket for this one. Ladies, bring the glamour!

4. Enjoy a pint of the ‘black stuff’ at the source

Even those that don’t like Guinness find themselves ordering a pint when in Ireland. There’s something about being swept up in the atmosphere of a cute Irish pub that does things to you! City breaks are back in 2023, according to trends research from Expedia, and without a doubt you’ll have a blast enjoying Dublin’s quaint pubs and colorful performances on Grafton Street.

5. Kiss the Blarney Stone

If it’s always been on your bucket list, then make 2023 the year you venture to Ireland in pursuit of the ‘gift of the gab’. At Blarney Castle you can kiss the fabled Stone to join a legion of pilgrims, world statesmen, and famous actors who have climbed the step to gain the gift of eloquence. The castle itself is magnificent too, built almost 600 years ago by one of Ireland’s greatest chieftains, Cormac MacCarthy. Give the special (sanitized) Stone a smooch and you’ll never be lost for words again!

6. Jig your way to happiness

No matter where you go in Ireland, music seems to follow. From folk dancers performing on the streets to fiddle players squeezing into pubs, there’s always a tune giving a backdrop to your Irish adventures. Dive deeper into Ireland’s music heritage in 2023 with a special Irish Ceilidh evening. This optional experience takes you back in time to rural Ireland and how they celebrated special occasions. Expect plenty of craic at this fun and informal evening of song and dance.

7. Stand atop the magnificent Cliffs of Moher

Feel alive as you stand atop the dramatic Cliffs of Moher that rise 200 meters above the pounding Atlantic Ocean. No matter the weather, Ireland’s irresistible beauty will be on full show at this raw, rugged destination. Keep a keen eye out for curious-looking puffins hiding in the cliffs and get to know this natural phenomenon more intimately with the interactive Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience center.


Ready to unlock the best way to travel to Ireland? Book a Trafalgar tour for the must sees and one of a kind experiences with everything taken care of so you don’t have to worry about a thing during your trip to Ireland. 

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